Caregiver Support

Caring for one’s parent(s), relative, neighbour or friend over a lengthy period of time, can often lead to caregiver exhaustion, anger and guilt.

Caregiving can put significant stress on personal lives, jobs, marriages, families, and friendships. Looking after your loved one is one of the most demanding, complex and misunderstood jobs anyone can do. One can feel overworked, overwhelmed, under appreciated and all alone.

60 percent of caregivers suffer major depression, most of which goes undiagnosed.

We can provide realistic strategies to reduce the pressure and help you regain your strength, resilience and stamina to look after yourself as well as your loved one.

Using Personal Conflict Coaching and/or possible Mediation
can establish better communication and understanding, greatly lessening the stress on the caregiver.

Finding creative solutions can result
in better health and stronger relationships

Bill is a caring and empathetic listener.

“… and has a wonderful ability to empathize.
He makes us feel safe to share our concerns, frustrations and losses.
We are all enriched by his caring warmth.”

Jockie Loomer-Kruger

Together we can find a way.”