Sooner or later house size, maintenance, safety, available support and location become concerns for the senior and/or family.

Moving, downsizing and letting go of possessions is an emotional and stressful process.

Decisions have to be made that are very conflicting for all involved.

In the heat of the moment, choices are often made quickly without understanding the consequences. This can lead to hurt, guilt and long term regret.

Downsizing, moving or transitioning into a Retirement or Long Term Care Residence is a highly sensitive issue that often wounds and fragments a family for a lifetime. The intervention of an experienced neutral third party with a choice of solutions often makes all the difference in peacefully resolving these personal and complex issues.

A Stress Coach Professional facilitates in finding mutual and economical solutions for housing arrangements. This process reduces stress, particularly on the senior whose life is being changed the most.

Including everyone’s voice in the decision-making process makes a positive difference.

Together we find a way.