End of Life

…and Legal Matters

You will have a variety of important legal issues to plan for, that become more urgent when getting older.

END of LIFE ARRANGEMENTS are far too important to postpone and ideally, these matters are best discussed with a knowledgeable and neutral third party.
We can set up a plan with you, to review later with the family to avoid confusion or misunderstanding. Being prepared is a small investment in such a significant matter, especially at a time when you may not be in condition to make these decisions for yourself.

Powers of Attorney (POA): Financial and Health:
There are two Powers of Attorney, one for your Finance and Property and the other for your Health.
One of the most important choices you will ever have to make. Your life will later depend on it.

We can explain why in plain language and help you clarify your thoughts so you will make the right choice for you and your family – with confidence and peace of mind. This will assist your lawyer in reviewing your wishes and preparing the necessary legal documentation.

Will your way of life, philosophy and wishes be honoured, when you are away or incapacitated?
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Estate Executor:
You’ve worked hard for what you have. What will become of it after you’re gone?
Who will be the one to manage your belongings according to your wishes?
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Living Will:
Your Living Will is a document containing explicit instructions regarding your personal wishes for your end of life physical care. Make sure you have one to avoid a lot of confusion and possible conflict between family members.
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Together we can find a way.”