Grief and Loss

billswedeHeart & Soul Bereavement for Seniors: Here to Help.

The loss of  a loved one touches all of our lives, deeply and personally.

As grief specialists we understand the feelings of fear and helplessness this loss can cause. We work with the grieving spouse and/or family to resolve the pain of separation.

Grieving is so complex it can be an ongoing risk if not processed properly. The assistance of a Grief Specialist can make a huge difference.

We’re not taught how to manage change and loss…

and with age comes loss ….
such as the painful loss of our spouse, our friends, and our changing homes, our health and even our family relations.

Life can become lonely and we can feel very alone.
Our physical, emotional and spiritual support bases are all affected by the losses and changes we experience.

And often, aging brings one event after the other upon us…
making us feel vulnerable, frightened and sometimes overwhelmed.
We are not meant to be alone or isolated and yet find ourselves in that struggle.

Meeting with a Grief and Loss Specialist can help restore
the senior’s will and strength to go on.

Together we can find a way.”