Brubacher’s Theory:

Grief and Loss are at the Core of Conflict
Fear and Anger are at the Core of Grief and Loss.

He uses his Theory assisting people to resolve misunderstandings
and reach a mutual agreement in a compassionate manner.

He practices conflict coaching from an holistic perspective that Grief and Loss is often even more important than the issue of dispute. With this philosophy resolution can be even more effective.


What clients say about Bill:

“Bill is the most empathetic, understanding and helpful person I have ever met.
He is very concerned that I feel like I am being heard and that I have enough chances to voice my feelings. His sincerity and deep caring are indeed precious to experience!”
— Karen

“Bill is a caring and empathetic listener.
He makes us feel safe to share our concerns, frustrations and losses.
We are all enriched by his caring warmth.”
— Jockie


Certified Elder Mediator by Family Mediation Canada (FMC)
Accredited Elder Mediator by Ontario Association of Family Mediation (OAFM)
Member of International Network of Elder Mediators (INEM)

Restoring peace of mind – creating new beginnings

Together we find a way.