“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing
and rightdoing there is a field.

I’ll meet you there.”

Psychoholistic Coaching can resolve family issues without going any further.

Psychoholistic Coaching can help with…

  • Disagreement between you and your family members around issues concerning present or future care of your parent(s).
  • Denial and lack of co-operation regarding issues that need to be resolved before they become dangerous.
  • Secrets, lies, old wounds, cover-ups or miscommunication between family members.
  • Emotions getting in the way of resolving family issues.
  • Uncertainty how to raise sensitive topics for family discussion.
  • Family financial or legal issues causing concern (i.e. will and powers of attorney)
  • Not being heard or respected (i.e. feeling ignored, not asked to be involved with decisions)
  • Personality or control behaviors causing breakdown in communication. (i.e. interrupting, not letting others talk, accusing one another, prevailing distrust)

We create a safe, confidential and respectful setting to resolve issues and conflicts.

Together we find a way.