UNRESOLVED ISSUES of CONFLICT with your family or friends can cause stress and concern. As your Conflict Coach we work with you on options of reducing the stress in your life and /or resolving the particular issue in a confidential, safe, and respectful manner.  Everyone’s views are heard equally and objectively, reducing the obstacles to effective communication.



1. Family Dispute

Conflicts can disrupt any relationships. It is how they are handled that makes all the difference in preserving individual values and protecting family bonds.

Family members benefit from a neutral, Personal Conflict Coach assisting the family to resolve their differences.

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2. Abuse

Abuse can happen to all of us; and occurs more often than we would expect.

It can be physical, emotional and financial.

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3. Conflict with Care Services

Problems can arise unexpectedly and unintentionally
when care services come into our homes and lives.

Using Personal Conflict Coaching can resolve such personal matters and restore trust.

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Together we  find a way.