Physical, Emotional and Financial:

Abuse can happen to any of us and occurs more often than we would expect.

It comes in all forms by family, caregivers, or even the elder him/herself, ranging from sarcasm, to emotional intimidation, to physical harm, to fraud.

For the most part, abuse is caused by an imbalance of power used unfairly or unexpectedly.

The tragedy is that the elder, dependent on care and at the mercy of their circumstances, can be made a victim by the very people in a position of trust, who are supposed to protect them in the first place.

Our services aim to arrive at a resolution of the matter in a discrete, confidential and respectful manner, and possibly save and/or restore relationships.

Using Personal Conflict Coaching and/or possible Mediation
is effective at protecting both the victim of abuse and often the abuser.

A mediator / personal coach is not a judge and is more concerned about helping to resolve the matter, than exposing the abuser.

The objective of the mediator is to facilitate
a safe, respectful and positive solution
for EVERYONE involved.

Together we find a way.