Caregiver Conflict

Caring for one’s parent(s), over a lengthy period of time, often leads to conflict with the elder,  family and friends, as well as caregiver exhaustion, anger,  guilt, and frustration.

(This also applies to caring for a relative, neighbour or friend)

 Caregiving puts significant stress on personal lives, jobs, marriages, families, and friendships. Looking after your loved one is one of the most demanding, complex and misunderstood jobs. One can feel overworked, overwhelmed, under-appreciated, all alone and the target of others’ judgement or opinions.

60 percent of caregivers suffer major depression, most of which goes undiagnosed.

We provide realistic strategies to reduce the pressure and help you regain your strength, resilience and stamina to look after yourself as well as your loved one.

Using Personal Conflict Coaching and/or possible Mediation
establishes better communication and understanding, greatly lessening the stress on the caregiver.

Finding creative solutions through an Elder Mediator results
in better health and stronger relationships.

Together we find a way.