Family Disputes

There’s no such thing as the ‘perfect’ family.

Conflicts can disrupt any relations

hips. It is how they are handled that can make all the difference in preserving individual values and protecting family bonds.

Family members may benefit from a neutral, Personal Conflict Coach assisting the family to resolve their differences.

Conflicts can arise from many causes:

  • care-taking,
  • changes in family responsibilities,
  • sandwich generations (between children and parents),
  • parents downsizing and  moving,
  • perhaps resisting the move to a retirement home or long term care residence,
  • parent’s onset of mental or physical concerns,
  • financial changes.

All of the above, if not addressed professionally, could tear a family apart for the rest of their lives.

Our Personal Conflict Coaching services assist healing relationships and could create cherished memories of doing the best for one’s parents at a time they need it most.

Together we  find a way.