Powers of Attorney

…and Legal Matters

It is critical and urgent that elders should arrange for their Powers of Attorney for both their Health and Finances/Property as soon as possible, to ensure legal protection before it is too late.

Powers of Attorney (POA): Financial and Health

There are two Powers of Attorney documents, one for your Finance and Property and the other for your Health (also sometimes known as “Living Will”).

These documents give legal authority to your trusted attorney(s) (spouse, family, relatives, friends etc) to act on your behalf.

Your attorney(s) should be chosen with great care for making decisions such as:

  • how your money will be spent, and/or invested
  • where you will live
  • the potential sale of your property
  • the medical treatment you will or will not receive, i.e. do or do not resuscitate (DNR)

The above are some of the many significant legal powers you will be giving to your POAs to make those life-changing decisions on your behalf.

Using a Certified Elder Coach/Mediator
to plan and discuss sensitive, significant arrangements in advance with a neutral third party gives peace of mind to both you and those you love.
Confidential Private Consultation
will help to clarify your wishes, making the right choices for you and your family – before getting official legal advice. This will assist your lawyer in reviewing your wishes and preparing the legal documentation.

Your wishes for your quality of life and financial arrangements will be fulfilled depending on the Powers of Attorney you choose.

Together we  find a way.