Mediation is…

Effective Elder Mediation is based on non-confrontational methods, involving the participation of all parties seeking a common solution.

(and in some cases the problem(s) can be resolved by coaching alone.)

Family conflicts can cause personal stress and waste time.

Family division can have serious consequences when situations arise that need immediate attention when significant issues have not been discussed in advance. 

Early detection and prevention of conflict can avoid most problems.

Elder Mediators are specially trained at assisting families and elders to create respectful communication so that conflicts or unhealthy tensions are resolved before they get worse. Elder Mediators are neutral and impartial, and the process is positive and participation voluntary.

Final resolution is based on fulfilling the self determination of all parties where everyone’s opinion, including the elders, is heard and respected.

Note: When issues exceed our specialized services,  we consult other professionals such as: Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants, Financial Advisors, Clergy or Community Societies and Services.

To-ponder  about Mediation

Together we find a way